Thursday, May 28, 2009

After Dark

Once all the bachelorettes were in the limousine, and Zolt was out of their lives, the night began. Being from out of town, the ladies - all mid- to late- twenties - had no idea of where to go after dinner. 

Tangent: Folks new to renting limos are often shy about asking for what they need. For instance, one of the ladies was pregnant, and wasn't sure she wanted to stay out all night. Instead of saying to me: 

Wombat, at some point you'll be bringing Hermione home early, that's okay isn't it? 

to which I say, 

Certainly, I am completely at your disposal,

they talk about her following us around town in her own car so she can leave whenever she wants. At $75 per hour, you get whatever I can do for you. 

It's nice that people are that way, though, not wanting to impose, even when they're anteing up a small fortune. 

Back to the story: The question after dinner then became Where to take a bunch of animated ladies in the mood for fun? Some places are too rough, some have an inappropriately aged crowd, some are miles away, some have the wrong music. Speaking of music, when I asked what kind of music they liked, one woman said "Dance Music." Sorry, honey, but that doesn't narrow it down. 

Thankfully, the sister of the bride took charge. I love it when there's one person in the group with whom I can talk, reason, make suggestions, and generally create a plan, especially when the rest have had a few adult beverages. A person able to communicate their wants prevents the activation of my mind-reading skillz, which are poor, given I'm not a Vulcan. 

Thanks then to Marne for being a great, relaxed and cheery customer, and for being thusly co-operative, all the ladies got what they wanted: the pregnant woman got chauffered home early, the neurotic cousin was collected from her hotel in the middle of the evening, and everyone got to dance to the right music. 

(Funk, classic rock and 80s covers btw). 

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Don said...

Your comments on communication skills as superior to mind-reading skills was right on target for life as well as Limousine Etiquette. I think one of the reasons my first marriage failed was because we were both too shy to say what we wanted.

Glad you got someone to speak up for the group. Makes it a better night for all.

Wombat said...

What a cool parallel to draw Don, and I completely agree.

What I would like to know is how you changed, what form the opening up took. This stuff fascinates me.

Huh. Limousine Life as a cipher for Life. Interesting idea.